Drone video filming for TV, advertising, surveys, inspections and documentaries.


Dragons Eye Filming shoot your drone project in  4K in HD Pal or NTSC with our stabilised aerial platforms. D-log H265 10 bit colour for superb colour depth and clarity.


We use Hasselblad sensors along with ND and PL filters to ensure the quality of the shoot.

We work with studios, producers, agencies, businesses and individuals getting the aerial video on time and on budget.

We can give live feed, hand over the rushes immediately or edit the final production with licenced music.

We also use gimbal 4K video cameras on handheld rigs, vehicle mounts, bike mounts and our own RC car for the perfect mix of aerial and ground shots along with action filming.

Contact Simon to discuss and book your projects.

Award winning business.

We save you time, risk and money with our professional onsite aerial capabilities.