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Bacon, brews and business

Another great business breakfast meeting this morning with a lot of interested people and businesses and some great leads. From photogrammetry for a new digital client to school talks and more were discussed and arranged this morning.

If you run a business, drone based or otherwise, go and meet people directly and speak their language not just a sales pitch, it literally pays off.

The 1st few of these meetings I went to I was shy and quite self conscious as I was surrounded by suits and big international business. I was made to feel very welcome though and pushed myself to keep attending and pushing Dragons Eye Filming. I have run a business before and know the reality of earning clients not just waiting for them. My enthusiasm and knowledge I find builds a positive reputation as I am gaining more and more referred clients. It takes time, be patient and persevere.

Contact to discuss and book your projects.

#goandgetbusiness and #lovemyjob :-)


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