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Why drones?

Initially when I tell people that I run a #dronebusiness many give me a look as if I'm suddenly the new kid at school and cooler than all the other kids on the block!

Drones to me are a tool and a great fun key to a business.

I never know what requests clients will pass my way, I have had requests from flying in South Africa for research to regular recording of aerial data for the Square Kilometre Array HQ on a World Heritage site to learning how to put on a survival suit and 1st Aid at Sea in a Life Raft! I have met Olympic Athletes, racing drivers, multi-million pound business directors, studio directors, ornithologists and many many more fascinating people. Some have an idea what is achievable and others require educating.

Believe it or not, this lovely estate shoot was for Airbnb! Fantastic place with friendly staff. Photo by Amanda Cogan Barber.

As for the cats here, as some of you have asked, they now meow at each other and seem to be starting what we hope to be a long friendship with each other :-)



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