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You never know...

This is from December 2016 but is still a great read:

One of the good days: received phone call this morning enquiring about a stock survey using a drone from someone at that point that I new nothing of. They requested if it could be done Friday, I explained about the Met office warning of storm Bab's and I agreed to visit their site this afternoon.

I went through my due diligence and pre site visit checks and all was good.

Upon arrival at the site I went through the H & S site induction and handed over copies of my paperwok.

I was then shown around the site and shown what they would like doing, basic aerial shots of multiple stacked pallets spread across many areas as a stock check for the auditors. This they'd normally attempt by climbing on top of said stacked pallets that are approx 10ft high and manually counting them. Apparently this takes two staff half a day, plus the risk.

I offered to carry out a test for them as the weather was favourable. They agreed and a small entourage then appeared with the normal curiosity.

With just one battery in the Inspire Pro I photographed every stock area, with still over 50% battery remaining I offered to take a few test inspection shots of one of the chimneys and I was met with mutual agreement. I took the shots, landed back safely to my TOL area and packed away the gear. I could hear much chattering by the department heads going on behind me and was waiting for more questions.

I fired up my laptop and showed the client the shots that had just been gathered, they were genuinely stunned.

This company is worth 3bn.... too many digits before the decimal point for me to fully take in, but I know I want a piece of that pie.

I relayed to the group of open mouthed middle aged men what I can and can't do that I feel would benefit them and their site (knowing full well they have 4 such sites in the UK).

The result is I now have a contract with a new client to do a lot of aerial data collection with them. Apparently previously to inspect the top of the biggest chimney on this site required the biggest MEWP in Europe, in my head I now see ££ signs going round in my eyes like a cartoon!

To those that are new in this industry don't be afraid of offering add ons to a clients request. Understand your trade and do it to the best of your ability.



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