Dragons Eye Filming offer a complete service, from initial consultation through to delivering complete video and inspection projects on time and on budget.



The chief pilot Simon has 30 years experience with radio control models and photography. Utilising these skills coupled with cutting edge technology, Simon formed Dragons Eye Filming to fill the need for safe effective professional drone operations across the UK.

Our clients vary from bespoke house photography and filming to ground breaking conservation surveys with the drones and 3D surveys and inspections at height.

We are able to safely and effectively survey and inspect traditionally difficult or dangerous areas with our drones.

Video is recorded in 4K with live view at the ground station and real time remote camera adjustments. Coupled with multiple lenses that we have and various sensors and filters, we ensure quality pictures and video to all clients.

We are trained specialists in 3D digital mapping and photogrammetry. This means we take multiple photos of your site that can then be used to create measurable 3D digital models. These allow distance, angles, areas and even volumes to be calculated with just a few mouse clicks. This data can be calculated, viewed and shared through our secure online client software or in your own CAD software.



Tel: (+44) 07789 341998


Stunning detailed aerial photography.

Panoramas and 360 interactive VR.

Inspection and art shots.

Events and surveys.

Bespoke and stock images.

Ultra High Definition video in 4K.

Professional aerial, ground and action cameras, gimbals & lenses.


Experienced and technically skilled.

Live feedback of the camera view and settings. 

3D Digital imaging.

From 1 building to 1000s of hectares.

Photogrammetry and Orthophotography.

Accurate Aerial data for your projects.

Conservation and construction.

Digital gaming and point clouds.


Please contact us to discuss your project requirements, we will work with you to give you the best quote. Our written quotes give a full breakdown of costs for clarity and understanding.

Once the quote is agreed we then follow our procedures to ensure the project is carried out in accordance with CAA regulations if drones are required. Drones are Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and as such we have to check airspace in the project area and carry out risk assessments for the work to be undertaken. We will then send you copies of our insurance and CAA permissions (PfCO - commonly known as 'licence') along with other relevant paperwork.

All projects more than 25 miles from Warrington will be charged at 45p per mile round trip plus overnights if required once agreed with the client.

We ask for a 30% diary booking deposit in advance, this confirms your booking and ensures your priority over other enquiries for that time. This deposit is simply transferred over to a different day should we need to reschedule due to inclement weather or other delays. Should we be unable to deliver the project the booking deposit is fully refunded. If the client cancels the confirmed booking we retain the deposit as the diary will have been booked.

Award winning business.

We save you time, risk and money with our professional onsite aerial capabilities.